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Our current building was built in the 80s, in Le Mée-sur-Seine, during the urban planning of the new city of Melun-Sénart. It was designed to welcome roughly 150 people. Thanks to God, for the past 7 years, we have known a very encouraging growth in the number of attendees at our services. So much that we now need to push the walls! Nowadays, in the city of Melun and its whereabouts, there are only two evangelical churches for 110.000 inhabitants. We are convinced that there is room in this region for a greater church to shine thanks to its testimony and that of Gospel-centered lives. We are determined that our new building be a tool for the service of Jesus-Christ’s Gospel and our neighbourg

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After several failed attemps, a real opportunity is offered us : the construction of a 10,500 square foot building on a property of nearly 23,000 square feet, located only a hundred yards from our current building. It will be able to host more than 500 people and thus strengthen our testimony in the region of Melun.

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The steps of this project

  • Agreement and vote of the city council in June 2019
  • Signature of the preliminary sale agreement for our current building in July 2019
  • Handing out of the construction permit at the city hall in July 2019
  • Signature of the emphyteutic lease and agreement for the construction permit in October 2019
  • Fund raising from November 2019
  • Kicking off of the construction in January 2020
  • First worship service (God willing) in summer 2023

The cost of this project

The forecasted cost of the project is 1,580,000€ (1,651,000$ or £1,248,000). The ground is rented to us by the city hall through a 99-year emphyteutic lease of one symbolic euro a year.

The funding of the project

During our previous unachieved construction project, we had raised roughly 445,000€ (469,000$ or £381,000) mainly from brothers and sisters from our Church of Le Mée, but also from friends and churches throughout France. All those offerings will be reinvested into our current project.

The sale of today’s building, a loan of the Bank and a new fund raising campaign of 100.000€ (105,000$ or £86,000) will wind up our financing the futur construction. If we receive more than €100,000, we would like to prepay the 2nd loan the bank gave us in order to invest in the ministries.

A few numbers

Sale of current building 295.000 € 328,000$ £245,000
Available funds 445.000 € 469,000$ £381,000
Loan of the baptist church union (AEEBLF)   40.000 € 45,000$ £33,000
Loan of the Bank 700.000 € 738,000$ £600,000
Fund raising to come (within and outside our community) 100.000 € 105,000$ £86,000

Get involved!

The challenge is significant, but together we can do it! Select your country in the following list. If you need help, please contact us